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Friday, January 16, 2015

A New Year, a New Website

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We know, you suspected that we’d never redo the site. But as nostalgic as we may be we have been planning it for awhile. In December when our scheduling system broke down we had to add a bit of duct tape and rubber bands to keep things running. Knowing that the duct tape wouldn’t last we decided to put the Website redesign on the fastrack.

Barking Spider proprietor, Jenna Juredine; Web Developer, Heidi Cool and Designer/Musician, Charlie Mosbrook met up to discuss design and strategy and to pool content and art that had been gathered over the years. Heidi then built out the site in WordPress and we had several of our regular customers and musicians test out early drafts. And now we’re live.

What to expect from the new site

The most important aspect of the new site is fresh up-to-date content. Naturally, shows and menu items may sometimes change at the last minute, but overall the new site will be easier to maintain. We’ve also included some features that we think will help you plan your visit.

George Foley Sample Event

Show Schedule

Our new scheduling system allows you to browse the calendar by genre or date, and let’s you export events for iCal or Google Calendar. It also allows us to provide more information about the musicians, such as descriptions and YouTube videos. The calendar feeds the upcoming events to the home page, and allows you to subscribe to it via RSS feed.

If you’re not familiar with RSS subscriptions, try feedly. This is service allows you to subscribe to feeds from your favorite blogs and organize them by topics. Feedly also offers various apps for use on your mobile devices.

Maps and Directions

Given that we’re tucked away behind the Case Western Reserve University Alumni House, we realize we can be hard to find. In order to help guide you here we’ve written more detailed directions on how to get here by car or via public transportation. We’ve also marked up a Google map with parking locations.


Our new menu allows you to browse our beverages, snacks and merchandise by type, and includes information about the products.

Things to do and places to go

While many of you live nearby, we know that some of our customers and musicians are visiting from out-of-town. Our Visit section includes information on places to stay, things to do, and special events.

Insiders’ Guide

This is where you’ll discover the odd little details that regular patrons know, such as where to find the ATM and why there is so much graffiti in the restrooms. It’s not fully inclusive but we hope it will give you a better sense of the place.

Photo Gallery

Our new photo gallery includes candid shots taken during shows, special events and ordinary days at the Spider. We’ll be adding to this as time goes by.

For Musicians

If you are booked (or would like to be) to play the Barking Spider, our Musicians area offers information about getting booked, open mic nights, and our sound system. We’ve also created a form to collect information about our performers so that we can include that on our show schedule.


We probably won’t be blogging every day, or even every week, but when we do this will be the place we share anecdotes and special announcements.

We hope you find the new site to be as useful as we do and that we’ll see you here soon!

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