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Saturday, January 3, 2015

When the traffic seems dire take a break at the Spider

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If you work in University Circle*, you know what the traffic is like after work. It’s not like Los Angeles, but things can get backed up, whether you are taking Cedar Hill up to the Heights or MLK north to the Shoreway.

Why sit in traffic wasting fuel when you can wait things out at the Barking Spider?

After work the Spider is a nice place to get away from the hubbub. You can take a seat at the bar and chat with the staff or other patrons. Or if you’re not feeling chatty grab a magazine and a seat by the window. By the time you’ve read through the latest discoveries in National Geographic, the traffic will have thinned out so that you can have a more peaceful drive home.

Did tonight’s band catch your eye?

If the music sounds appealing you may decide to stick around for the first act. But you also may be hungering for dinner. No worries, just ask the staff for the restaurant menu book, then order in a pizza, curry or whatever suits your taste. You’ll now be fortified and ready to listen to the band.

Whether you stay for a bit, or for a longer while, the Barking Spider offers a nice respite after a long day of work.

* This also applies to those who work downtown but pass through the circle on their way home.

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