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Friday, March 18, 2016

Ohio’s Emily Keener Rocks The Voice

16 year old Emily Keener gave an outstanding performance on March 1, 2016, when she sang Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road for her blind audition on The Voice.

NBC’s The Voice, is a singing competition in which successful contestants are matched with one of four coaches who will guide them through their performances. During the auditions the coaches listen with their backs to the stage. If a singer captures their attention they turn around in the hopes of landing that singer for their team.

Emily’s voice captivated the coaches, inspiring all four to turn their chairs. Emily was one of only four contestants who had the honor to choose from all four coaches. She selected singer/producer, Pharrell Williams as her coach.

Emily’s audition was especially exciting for us, since she has performed here at the Barking Spider several times over the past few years. We first met Emily and her family when she was thirteen and have been honored to watch her singing evolve. We’ve felt very proud of Emily with her distinct vocals and poise, for such a young lady.

She’s captivated us, hopefully she’ll tackle The Voice in the same way. All the best to Emily!

We hope you’ll all join us in watching her progress through the competition.

The Voice airs at 8:00 pm Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC. We expect that Emily’s performance in the battle rounds will take place the week of March 21st.

Emily Keener’s March 1, 2016 audition on The Voice

Emily Keener April 30, 2015 – Barking Spider Tavern

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  1. Hi. I’m a viewer from Thailand, a big fan of The Voice since Season 1. I was so impressed with Emily Keener when she sang “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, ” which is one of my favourite songs EVER. I love this version of hers more than the Elton John version. I also like her other songs in the Battle rounds, Knockouts, and Live Playoffs. Emily is a very talented young girl, and I believe all the four coaches know this. But in order to win or just to be in the finalists, she has to do more. She has to choose the songs which show her vocal range, just like the Brick Road one; otherwise, she would not survive in the competition. Look at the result of the Live Playoff, she was not even chosen by the popular votes even though, in my view, she sang much much better than the other two contestants voted by the viewers.

    I think Alison Porter is going to be The Voice 10, but we would also love Emily to be in the competition as long as possible. Look at Mady Davis of last year, a very talented young girl on Team Pharrell as well, but eventually was not in the finalists. Please choose the songs which show your vocal ability, Emily. I’d like to suggest a few. How about “Wishing You Were Here” from the Phantom of the Opera”, or “Good Enough” sung by Amy Lee – Evanescence, or “Colour of the Wind” sung by Vanessa Williams and Lea Salonga?

    I’d like the viewers to please vote for Emily Keener. I do hope she will thrive in the music business, producing great songs for us to listen to.

    Comment by Alisa April 15, 2016 @12:38 am

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