Barking Spider Tavern

Money for the Band

Money for the Band - the tip jar

Here at the Spider there is no cover charge.

During each set we pass around a tip jar* to collect money for the band. If you like the music, this is a great way to show your appreciation. When it’s not circulating you’ll find the jar on the bar, labeled with the performer’s name.

The money collected in the musicians’ tip jar goes directly to the musicians.

* As you can see in the photo the jar is actually a small barrel. When in use you’ll see a sign on the front indicating the band’s name.

Money for the Band, the Friday edition

The Barking Spider staff regularly passes around the musicians tip jar, but on Friday nights during the last set, this ritual becomes part of the entertainment.

It began with Tom Croley, a longtime Spider friend who used to tend bar on Friday nights. When it came time to pass the hat for the late night band, Tom would get on stage and tell some wild rambling story. A musician or two would accompany him with some background music and at the end he’d yell out “MONEY FOR THE BAND!” Then the tip jar would make the rounds.

Tom stepped down awhile ago, but money for the band continues. These days bartender Ben recites poetry while the audience chimes in with bird calls.

Ben Gulyas reading The Cuckoo – the reason people make bird noises.

Tom reprised his roll as storyteller for the Martin Juredine memorial concert in 2011.