Barking Spider Tavern

Your Local Tavern

In England if you go to one particular pub, more often than you go to others, you refer to it as your “local.” People choose a local for many reasons, ranging from proximity to work or the availability of a particular beer to the personality of the establishment.

Here in Cleveland, The Barking Spider is the “local” for many of our regular customers—as well as musicians—and we hope it will become your “local” too.

Locally owned

In the United States, we often think of “local” in terms of being locally owned. There is a growing movement in Cleveland, and elsewhere, to patronize locally owned establishments to help support the regional economy. Studies have shown that significantly more of the money spent in locally owned businesses remains in the region than it does when spent at nationally owned establishments.

The Barking Spider Tavern has been locally owned and operated since 1986.

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