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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Barking Spider Tavern, a longtime destination for musicians and music lovers, will close their doors after their 30-year anniversary party on Sunday, September 18, 2016. The celebration starts at 2pm.

Owner Bruce Madorsky and proprietor Jenna Juredine discussed the closing, and decided that the 30th anniversary milestone was the most appropriate time to celebrate the life of a music venue that is known for giving many musicians their first performing experience.

Bruce and Jenna’s father, Martin Juredine, opened the doors to the Barking Spider Tavern on September 19, 1986 in an old carriage house on the campus of Case Western Reserve University. It quickly became a mecca for local musicians, artists, and free thinkers. Martin got rid of the jukebox and began having local musicians come in and play a couple of times a week, soon to become multiple acts seven days a week. Poetry readings, potlucks, weddings and receptions have all created the community atmosphere that makes “The Spider” so comfortable and loved.

Martin passed away February 1, 2011 after losing a battle to cancer. His youngest daughter Jenna stepped in to keep the doors open. “I couldn’t let the Spider go. I grew up in these walls, with these musicians, customers and co-workers. I had just lost my dad and it was a thread, keeping the connection to my father for all of us.”

Newly married with a baby due in November, Jenna has entered a new phase in life, with a renewed focus and priority on her family. “The tavern takes a certain lifestyle to maintain, and I am no longer able to dedicate the amount of time needed to keep it going.”

Bruce and Jenna decided that it would be best to end on a high note, an annual anniversary celebration with friends, great local musicians, beer and a potluck. “We have an amazing group of employees that have worked here for years, some since the very beginning. My father created a safe house for music lovers and musicians and everyone has been so supportive.” Jenna says, “We are a huge family and that is hard to come by in any business. It’s been an honor to be a part of such an important part of the music scene in Cleveland.”

Jenna realizes the weight of this bittersweet moment. “I love the Barking Spider Tavern in such a deep personal way that it will be difficult not to walk through these doors everyday, but I know, in my heart, my father is proud of what I have done and what I’m about to do. In the words of my father, Martin Juredine, “We’re lucky guys!!!”

“Thank you friends. Thank you CWRU and University Circle. Thank you Cleveland.”

Bruce Madorsky & Jenna Juredine

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