Barking Spider Tavern

Insider’s Guide to the Barking Spider


In order to keep prices low we don’t take credit cards. But no worries, we’ve got an ATM in the back room if you need cash.

Barking Spider – the meaning behind the name

A Barking Spider is a British euphemism for passing gas. The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English defines a barking spider as “the notional creature blamed when someone in a crowd farts.” Silly Joke’s “Dictionary of Farting” defines it as “The instrument through which the fart issues.” Now you know why the old man in the logo is lifting his leg!



Ever wondered about the dog on the back of the Barking Spider t-shirts? Blackie looked a bit like a black German Shepherd though he was undoubtedly a mix. One day he wandered into the Spider where he quickly adopted Martin and the rest of the gang. Blackie was a friendly fellow with the odd habits of nipping at white tennis shoes and barking at bicycles, but he was a great mascot, and we still miss him.

mimes wife

Bathroom Art

Are you an artist or poet? If you can find some space you are welcome to draw on the bathroom walls. Others may call it graffiti, we call it entertaining, well mostly.

Cover Charge – We don’t have one!
We have the musicians tip jar.

It’s more of a small wooden barrel than a jar, but no matter the shape, it means there’s no cover charge to listen to music at the Barking Spider. Bands play for tips because they like playing here, but tips help. So, when the bartenders come around with the tip jar, please add what you can. The musicians will appreciate it.

Jenna and Raleigh

Dogs (and Cats)

Does your dog get along well with people and other critters? If so, feel free to bring him/her with you. Just remember to keep an eye on your pet and to pick up any droppings it may leave on the grounds. Do you want to bring your cat? While it can be hard to keep an eye on most cats, we do have one regular who brings his along on a leash. The cat also spends time in his backpack with his head poking out. It seems to work.


On a cold afternoon or evening, there’s nothing like sitting by a warm fire while watching the snow fall outside.


If you are hungry for more than a snack, you may bring in your own food or order take-out. Ask at the bar to see the Restaurant Book. It contains menus from a variety of restaurants that either deliver or are in walking distance.

L’Albatross, the award winning French restaurant created by owner/chef Zack Bruell, has developed a special menu for patrons of the Barking Spider Tavern. Customers may now order food at the bar and have it delivered to them here at the Barking Spider.



Do you have a bit of a competitive streak? If so, grab your friends and head to the back room to play board games, foosball or darts. We have two dart boards in the Game Room and darts are available for you to use free of charge. Just ask for them at the bar.

Hidden Gem

It makes sense once you get here, but we know that new visitors sometimes have trouble finding us. We’re located in an old carriage house, located behind the Case Western Reserve University Alumni House, in University Circle. You can’t see us from the street but we are here…and we look forward to meeting you. Our Visit Us page provides a map and directions.

Rebekah Jean

Live Music over 360 Nights a Year

There is live music at the Barking Spider almost every night of the year, with the exception of 2-3 holidays. View our show schedule to see who is playing tonight.

Magazines & Newspapers

If you’re looking for something to read while waiting for a friend, we keep a variety of magazines on the bar. You’ll find them under the schedules by the corner post. Please return them when you are finished. You’ll also find local papers such as Scene and the Heights Observer in the back left corner of the Game Room.


Each year we gather to carve pumpkins on the Thursday closest to (but not after) Halloween. Check out the calendar in October to see when the event will be held next.

Enjoying the Patio

Share a table

The Barking Spider is the kind of place where it is easy to make new friends. People chat with strangers at the bar and we commonly share tables, so if you are looking for a seat, just find a table with space and ask if you can join them. Many a friendship has begun this way. Conversely if someone seems to be looking for a seat, invite them to join you.


Show everyone that you know how to find the Barking Spider when you wear a logo t-shirt. Visit our merchandise page to see what else is on offer.


Our campus location puts us in close proximity to Case Western Reserve University’s WiFi. Look for “CaseGuest.” No password is required. Faculty, Staff and Students can also login to the regular network with their existing campus credentials. Signal strength varies. Newer laptops often get 3 or more bars, while tablets and smartphones may experience weaker signals.

The Spider is a great place to have a meeting in a casual atmosphere, so grab your laptops and come on over.